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„The PUSE methodological book doesn’t claim completeness, i.e. it is not a closed collection of exercises. This couldn’t have been its purpose. The Poly-Universe in fact is not simply a tangible tool or a closed-system puzzle, but an open math-art system which models the Universe, allowing a glimpse into its internal laws. This book is a beginning, just like Christopher Columbus’s undertaking once was, who was first to cross the ocean, to let others following his footsteps discover America.

The PUSE methodology book opens up the way for teachers and students, artists and scientists. We can all enter into Poly-Universe’s spacious world, explore its complex realm, further discover its laws and regulations. While Poly-Universe offers scale shift, the methodology based on the tool offers a change of attitude for today’s educational system – not in order to achieve small, medium or large bits of knowledge, but endless knowledge…”

Zsuzsa Dárdai
Art critic, pedagogue
Publisher, Poly-Universe Ltd

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Impressum of the book

PUSE (Poly-Universe in School Education)
Visual Experience Based Mathematics Education

Edited by
János Szász SAXON
Dr Eleonóra Stettner PhD

Published by
Zsuzsa Dárdai, Poly-Universe Ltd
2624 Szokolya, Fő utca 23, Hungary

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ISBN 978-615-81267-0-0 (English edition)
ISBN 978-615-81267-3-1 (Hungarian edition)