„One of Poly-Universe’s and the related exercises’ great advantages is that the game and the thinking process often takes place in group framework, and encourages children to cooperate.

While compiling the methodological worksheets, we were surprised to see how wide the spectrum of exercises actually is both in terms of subjects and degree of difficulty. From the simplest playful exercises for the smallest ones, through the world of combinatorics, we arrive at exercises involving profound thinking, suitable even for higher education and maths olympiads.

We are convinced that the present PUSE methodological book is only a beginning. New ideas are constantly coming up, and Poly-Universe contains almost endless possibilities – so that the related methodology cannot be closed down either. We hope that the exercises inspired by the tool will evoke new ideas in both teachers and students using the collection. We would be pleased to see those ideas shared on the Poly-Universe website. (www.poly-universe.com)”