„Frank Lloyd Wright, who recalls his childhood memories of playing with Froebel Gifts as mind-changing moments, must have experienced something similar to what the Poly-Universe-player goes through nowadays. Similarly remembers Richard Buckminster Fuller playing with Froebel Gifts as a twist of fate. Maria Montessori and Carolyne Pratt, who promoted the Gifts as part of their own holistic pedagogical concept, tried to pass on this fundamental experience. Again the same opportunity was sought by Rózsa Péter, Tamás Varga and Zoltán Dienes in the field of mathematics education. Ernő Rubik’s globally significant cube is an answer to the same calling, which has become a social-cultural symbol of playful, creative problem solving eversince its release. Now János Saxon Szász’ Gifts, the Poly-Universe joins exactly this pedagogical problem-solving tradition, marked by Froebel Gifts and Rubik’s Cube, based on joyful thinking and manifesting in playful activity.”