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The main objective of Erasmus+ Poly-Universe in School Education (PUSE) project is to develop a new visual system for mathematics education: the Poly-Universe Methodology. The project is based on the Poly-Universe game, which is a geometric skill development game by János Szász SAXON fine artist. The novelty of Poly-Universe lies in the ‘scale-shifting’ symmetry inherent to its geometric forms and a color combination system, which can be used universally and impact the educational system, particularly in the education of geometry and combinatorics. The complexity emerging out of Poly-universe’s simplicity makes it more than a game, more than art, more than mathematics: these elements come all together – creating synergy in education.

The project was supported by the European Commission. Published in the Communication does not necessarily reflect the views of the European Commission.

PUSE is your language

PUSE is your language

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PUSE Methodology

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Treasury & Forum

The Poly-Universe game is based on three basic elements. Learn the rules of the game, register as a Member, download the tasks from the Treasury and write Your experiences in the Forum.


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PUSE Tresury

The download page of Poly-Universe.

PUSE Forum

The discussion platform for PUSE society.

PUSE Partners

From Our Events

Events and Meetings are ongoing in the framework of the PUSE Erasmus+ program.

PUSE Conference: 25 June 2019 – Pamplona (ES)

Palace of the Condestable in Pamplona, Spain.

Closing conference: 10 June 2019 – Nové Zámky (SK)

Základná skola Gergelya Czuczor, Nové Zámky, Slovakia


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